Legal Disclaimer

This is the place where I tell you all sorts of legal-sounding stuff, so please pay attention:

  1. The views expressed on this blog are entirely my own, and do not reflect the views of anyone else.
  2. As stated in my “HIPAA guidelines” post, all nursing stories (and some other stories as well) have been altered to protect patient identity.
  3. Unless otherwise noted, everything written in this blog is the intellectual property of me (Hannah) and is not yours, so be a decent human being and don’t steal it. If you would like to reblog a part of something, please give credit where credit is due. If you would like to reblog an entire post from my blog to yours, please do so with a link leading back to my blog, giving me credit. You should be familiar with the drill.
  4. Yes, I am a Registered Nurse, with a degree and a license, but I do not dispense medical advice. If you have any medical questions, please ask your doctor (a real doctor, not Dr. Google!)