Far From the Home I Love

Washington State is my home.

Correction, was my home.

I have lived in WA my entire life. I am a native Washingtonian. The mountains, trees, and Pacific Ocean are familiar and beloved sights. I never thought that I would need to leave the home state that I loved.

Washington State is not what it used to be. Especially in this past year, this state has changed, and not for the good. Politics and society in western Washington have made the state an unsafe place to live, especially if you vote Conservative and/or are a Christian.

Myself and my family have talked about moving more South for years, but in the last year or so the idea kept coming up in our conversations, and once the lockdown started we began to look in earnest. I know that every state has it’s own issues, but there are many states that are safer than Washington, so we began to do our research. We found multiple likely states, but we kept coming back to both Tennessee and Kentucky. Both states had good hospitals at which my dad and I could work, and while neither state pays as well as Washington, the cost of living is cheaper, which helps quite a bit.

During this whole process, God has been working in so many ways – from protection during travels to providing unexpected job interviews in great job locations! This hasn’t been a stress-free endeavor, but God has provided what we need, just when we need it. I will never stop being amazed at seeing God’s work and provision in my life!

In the end, our family has decided to move to Tennessee. We have family already living nearby, and the job and housing options made it the preferred choice. This process hasn’t been easy, but God has protected our family in the past, and I have no doubt that he will continue to do so in the future.

We would appreciate your prayers / positive thoughts / whatever good vibes you can send during this time. This is going to be a wild adventure, for sure!

So… yeah, this PNW girl is moving South, y’all!

2 thoughts on “Far From the Home I Love

  1. Bless your lil heart beloved friend! I will miss you. 😥 I have loved 🥰 getting to know you through our absolutely fabulous and always awesome theatrical endeavors! You are a beautiful and brilliant woman through and through and I will always remember our little journey together with great fondness. Blessings on your new adventure, I know you’ll do amazing things on your new journey. Keep in touch now and then and let me know how you’re doing. Love you lots! ❤️


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