The Low-Key Thanksgiving

You know, I never really grew to appreciate a family coming together for Thanksgiving until I moved out of my parent’s house and was finally on my own. After that, I jumped at any chance to go home again.

This year, our Thanksgiving was more laid-back, more low-key than usual. I was blessed with the night off from work the day before, which allowed me to go back home earlier than expected. In the morning we (my Mom and I) got the food ready for a holiday brunch/lunch. We decided to move the main meal earlier, since Dad and Nathan had to work in the afternoon.

The meal this year was a bit different, at least for me, because this time around I had to deal with the food issues and Candida diet, which meant that my meal consisted of turkey, Brussels sprout with turkey bacon, wild/brown rice pilaf, and baked acorn squash. No, I’m not complaining, I know I’m extremely blessed to have such plentiful food, but not being able to have green bean casserole, bread rolls, mashed potatoes, or sweet potatoes takes a bit of gettin’ used to.

Now, this next bit may sound a bit unconventional, but I quite enjoyed getting to eat a Thanksgiving meal while wearing my pajamas. It was wonderful to relax and enjoy the company of family without getting dressed fancy or anything (those of you who know me will recall that I wear “real pants” – or jeans – only when necessary!)

You know what? As I’ve grown older I’ve really come to appreciate being able to sit back and reflect on all the things that God has done in my life. These past few months haven’t been the easiest with all of the health and dietary changes, but these changes have been clearing up a majority of my health issues that have been getting worse the last few years. I have a good apartment, my dream job in a solid career, the best family I could ever have, the blessing of going to church and teaching kids about Jesus, good friends… I could go on, but it would take a while!

I hope y’all had a lovely Thanksgiving, and that this upcoming Christmas season is a blessing and a joy šŸ™‚

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