The New Normal, part 1

C. Journey 3

Okay kids, pull up a chair and get comfy – I’m gonna tell you the story of how my life went off track in an unexpected way. All set? Good, lets go…

About 6 weeks ago I went to a naturopath for the first time. For the past few years I’ve had worsening symptoms of brain fog, lethargy, emotional outbursts, and food intolerances causing gastrointestinal distress (among many other symptoms). I assumed it was all due to stress from nursing school and starting a high-stress job. In a way, I was correct…

The appointment started out well enough, with the taking of vital signs and a brief getting-to-know-you conversation. Then she asked me about my symptoms. As I began to explain everything, I noticed the naturopath’s face getting more and more concerned as I went on.

As I watched the doctor’s face, it began to dawn on me – I think something is really wrong here. Maybe it’s not just “life as a nurse” stress. Over the course of the appointment we sat and discussed every. little. detail. of my health, including areas I hadn’t thought to be relevant (but actually were).

Okay, so I may have started crying at several points during the appointment, especially when the doctor said, “No, what you’re feeling is NOT normal. We can fix this.” Even though I didn’t have any official diagnosis or answer, we began to make plans, which offered an unbelievable amount of hope. Tears of frustration turned to tears of relief.

The appointment ended with some pills for adrenal support (stress was killing me) and other supplements to help manage symptoms until we had definitive answers. Even though things were still unanswered, there was hope.

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