Battle of the Sugar Ants (part two)

So, a while back, I wrote about my first encounter with sugar ants in my apartment (see Battle of the Sugar Ants).  They’ve come back from time to time, and about two days ago they returned.  And before you say anything, yes, I know this post is titled “part two” despite the fact that this is not the second time ants have invaded my apartment.  This is the second time I have written about the ants, hence the title.  (There. I feel better now that I’ve explained that).

In previous invasions, the little buggers have come in near my sliding glass door and by my front door, respectively.  This time, only a couple by the front door, none by the glass door, but the majority of them appearing in my bedroom.  Working theory is that they are coming in through some infinitesimal crack in a corner, but again, that’s just a theory.  I’ve set up multiple ant traps that have been highly effective against past invasions, so I’m hoping and praying that they’ll work just as well this time around.

I know this makes me sound like a fraidy-cat, but whenever there are ants or mice in my bedroom, I sleep on the couch until the situation is under control.  With mice, that means I don’t sleep in my room until the mouse is caught, which usually takes a day or two.  With ants, it’s a different story.  It takes longer to get rid of ants, and even though I’ve set up multiple ant bait traps (I may have gone a little overboard…), I still slept on my couch that first night.  I think my concern this time around was legit, since the ants were mainly near the head of my bed, down by the baseboards.  I was gonna tough it out that first night, until I found a couple of ants crawling on the side of my bed, and then I noped out of there in the blink of an eye!

Today the situation seems to be under control.  There are still ants in my bedroom, but not nearly as many as before.  The ants in my room did bring about one good thing – they prompted me to deep clean my bedroom.  This is something that I’ve needed to do for a while now, but have been putting off because the task seemed insurmountable.  And I didn’t really clean it, I just boxed up the miscellanea that had no place to go, moved the boxes to my living room, and then dusted and vacuumed like crazy.  Eventually I’ll go through the boxes, either putting things in their proper place or getting rid of them.

Do y’all have any tips and tricks with getting rid of sugar ants?  Please comment below if you’ve got an idea I should try 🙂

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