Sunny Spring Day

Today was a warm and sunny spring day.

And I was stuck indoors.

I could hear kids playing outside my apartment window, having such fun.  I wished that I could join them.

But I was stuck indoors.

I longed to go to the park – any park, I didn’t care which one.  Just to walk around outside, smelling the fresh air, seeing all of the colors of the trees and flowers.  That would have been nice.

But I was still stuck indoors.

You get the point, right?  I. Need. To. Get. Some. Sunshine.  Warm sunny days tend to make me a little stir crazy when I have indoor things to do.  My homework isn’t the kind that I can take with me to a park, so I stayed inside and pretended to work on my assignments.  Well, I actually did get a bit accomplished today, and am still working on things, but there was a nice chunk of time where I just sat on my butt and watched Netflix while I worked on a crocheted baby blanket.

I did open the window to let in some fresh air, so that was one nice bit today.  My apartment can get a little stuffy at times, so when it’s not too cold outside, I open the window to let in a little bit of a breeze.

At some point I need to get outside and soak up what little Vitamin D there is to be had.  I’m sure that I don’t get enough sunshine.  I want to get out and do relaxing things in nature, but the truth of the matter is that most of the time I am too lazy to get up and go.  I need to work on that…

Perhaps on Sunday, after church, I shall wander around a park or something, just to get a bit of relaxation and sunshine.  Don’t worry, Mom and Dad, I won’t wander into remote areas by myself, and shall stick to well populated areas!

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