The Brightest Day

Easter 3


Easter has long been my favorite holiday. The overwhelming feeling of excitement and victory is second to none. The plan that God the Father had set in motion at the start of creation was fulfilled!

I’ve always wondered how the disciples felt, when the women came back from the tomb with the news that Christ had indeed risen back to life, just as He said. I know my reaction, but I’ve known this story for years. The disciples were hearing this for the first time. They were there. Their emotions were a thousand times stronger than mine (and that’s saying a lot, because this is my favorite story).

Even after all these years, I still sometimes have a hard time comprehending the magnitude of Jesus’ actions to save me. My little human brain understands things in simple terms. Jesus loves me. This I know. I was guilty. Jesus paid my debt.

He died for me. I’ll live for Him.

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