Semper Frigidus

Cold 4

For those of you who don’t understand Latin, the phrase “Semper Frigidus” means “Always Cold.”  Why have I mentioned this?  Because this is a common phrase in my vocabulary.  I’m thinking of making it my life motto.  I should put it on a t-shirt (long-sleeved, of course).

I’m not quite sure of the exact physiology of it, but for some reason I am almost always cold.  I usually bring a jacket or sweatshirt with me on outings (unless it’s the middle of a heat wave), and I have a large collection of hats/scarves/gloves to keep me from freezing in the “winter” – and when you’re always cold, “winter” can last most of the year.

Dalmatians 1As any internet search will tell you, there are many medical conditions which would leave a person with cold extremities, such as hypothyroidism or Raynaud’s Sydrome, but thankfully I have none of these.  I’m just cold.  At one point I thought I might just have a slow metabolism (which is very likely) but I have yet to see this confirmed by a doctor.  Having cold hands is particularly annoying at work, when I have to work with fragile infants who are hypersensitive to cold.  I usually have to warm up my hands before touching the babies, or wear gloves all the time (which we usually do anyway).

During the winter months, I can usually be found cuddled on my couch, hiding under a nest of blankets, my favorite hot pack (it’s in my top 5 favorite gifts EVER!) on my tummy and a mug of something warm sitting within arms reach.  I always sleep with socks on, and I usually dress in more layers than is necessary.

On a lighter note, sunny summer weather is GLORIOUS! ‘Cept I burn easily (and don’t tan), but that’s another story…

Summer 2


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