Overcoming Inertia

Picture this: you have a dozen projects to compete, and absolutely no motivation to do them.  You know that once you get started you will get on a roll, and you will most likely finish more projects than you intended to start.  But for some reason, you still can’t get up off the couch.

Why is this?  *Sigh* I wish I knew.  My mom calls it “overcoming inertia.”  I know that there are scientific explanations for overcoming inertia, but I’m not able to put them into the proper words, so I won’t try (feel free to look it up… and then please tell me the answer!)  Basically, getting started is the hard part.  Once I get started, I tend to keep going and going. Something like struggling to pedal a bike to the top of a hill, then coast down the other side, gaining momentum.

My biggest problem is when it comes to housework.  I love the feeling of a clean and organized environment – it helps me relax and think clearly.  But whenever I know that there is housework to complete, the desire to sit on the couch becomes strangely overwhelming.

And yet, oddly enough, when I manage to pry myself from the couch and do some little task – say, gathering up all the trash in my little apartment (doesn’t take long), I suddenly find myself feeling a sense of accomplishment – see, I finished something! Yay me!

This motivation fills me with a small flicker of excitement, and a sense of “ooh, I wonder what else I can do? I like this feeling of accomplishment, let’s do some more!”

I know it sounds silly, but simply put, success builds upon success.

With that in mind, I think I shall try to be more productive tomorrow.  We’ll see how this goes.

P.S. – Anyone wanna guess how long it took me to finally finish writing this article?  Figures… I can’t overcome what little inertia is required to post on a blog! 🙂

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