Would You Rather…?

I’m bored, and I recently came across several lists of “Would You Rather” questions, so I’ve decided to select and answer some of my favorites.  If this is a bit dull, I apologize.  As I said, I was bored, and this seemed like a fun idea… 🙂

  1. Have a sports stadium named after you  OR  have a university named after you?  (University – I love learning and education.  I’m not that into sports).
  2. Have unlimited free coffee  OR  unlimited free WiFi wherever you go?  (Definitely unlimited WiFi!)
  3. Fulfill your biggest wish  OR  resolve your biggest regret?  (I’d like to fulfill my biggest wish – and no, I’m not going to discuss it here)
  4. Have your own private island  OR  have your own private jet?  (Private jet – then I could fly to lots of islands!)
  5. Be able to read minds  OR  be able to see the future?  (Read minds, but only as I choose. Not just “hearing” everyone’s thoughts at all times)
  6. Be BFFs with your favorite celebrity  OR  date your celebrity crush for only 2 years?  (BFFs, obviously!  A great friendship can usually outlast a 2 year dating relationship!)
  7. Have free gas for 25 years  OR  have your dream car?  (Free gas – it always costs too much!  I’m not that picky about what car I drive)
  8. Be a ninja  OR  be a pirate?  (Ooh, I wanna be a ninja!)
  9. Live the life of fame and wealth  OR  life in Harry Potter’s world?  (Are we talking HP world pre- or port-Voldemort?  That would be nice to know before making a decision!)
  10. Always be 10 minutes late  OR  always be 20 minutes early?  (I’d choose to be always 20 minutes early. I can always read in the car for 20 minutes)
  11. Never use social media again  OR  never watch TV/movies again?  (Sorry, blog readers, but I would choose to give up social media.  I like movies and TV too much)
  12. Die in 20 years with no regrets  OR  die in 50 years with many regrets?  (20 years, no regrets.  I’d rather have quality over quantity)
  13. Be able to control fire  OR  be able to control water?  (Be able to control fire. Fire scares me, I’d like to be in control)
  14. Unlimited tacos  OR  unlimited sushi?  (I dunno. I’ve never had sushi. I’ll have to try sushi before answering this one!)
  15. Have a golden voice  OR  have a silver tongue?  (Honestly?  I kind of already have both, according to friends and family)
  16. Sell all your possessions  OR  sell an organ?  (Easy – I’d sell half of my liver, since the liver can regenerate. I could maybe even repeat this process for more money!)
  17. Never have to work again  OR  never have to sleep again (with no ill effects)?  (I like to interpret this as “I could sleep, but don’t need to.” So I’d choose no need to sleep. Less sleep = more time to do stuff)
  18. Be an amazing painter  OR  a brilliant mathematician?  (Brilliant mathematician – I’ve never been that great at math, and I’d like to know what it’s like to be good at it)
  19. Find $5 on the ground  OR  find all your missing socks?  (I’ll take the $5.  I don’t need the amount of socks I would own if all my strays were found!)
  20. Get $5 for every song you sing in public  OR  get $50 for every stranger you kiss?  (Are you kidding? I already sing in public all the time, so I might as well get paid for it! I’d be rich!)
  21. Live in a cave  OR  live in a treehouse?  (Treehouse, definitely. Caves can be cold and damp, and I don’t like either of those things. I do like treehouses, though)
  22. Be a bowling champion  OR  be a curling champion?  (Curling champion, because I could compete in the Olympics!)

Why are there only 22 questions on this list?  I dunno, I guess I was too lazy to look for more 🙂








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