The Best Prank Ever

I’m not usually the type to play practical jokes on others, mainly because I fear retaliation.  I don’t like being pranked.  Or rather, I don’t like being scared.  I can learn how to appreciate some pranks, but if someone tries to scare me as a joke, I will most likely attack first and maybe – if I’m feeling generous – ask questions later.

The best prank I ever pulled was April 1, 2013.  I was in college at the time, and April Fool’s Day happened to coincide with the first day of spring quarter classes.  My public speaking instructor, whom I had worked with several times since taking his class the previous year, asked me to come back to his class and help him pull a creative prank in honor of the special day.  Since my classes didn’t start until the next day, I was available and more than willing.

The plan was to have me pose as a disgruntled student who had failed the class the previous quarter due to attitude issues, and now had to repeat the class.  I would start arguing with the instructor and end up either getting kicked out of the class or just storming out – we were going to wait and see what happened when the day came.  Now, those who know me say that I would never act like this, not in a million years.  And they are correct.  But I am an actress.  It’s what I do.

I sat at a table with several other students.  I acted as though I were in a sullen mood for the first several minutes of the class, during which we played a rather fun game (I felt so bad about being a spoilsport).  When the instructor began to talk about the class, I started making snide and rather rude comments under my breath, but loud enough to be heard by the others at my table.  After a little while the instructor called me out on it, and a full-blown argument ensued.  In the end I grabbed by backpack and stormed out of the class, letting the door slam behind me.

The second I rounded the corner I collapsed into silent laughter.  More than anything I wished that I could see what happened in the class after I left, but I couldn’t go back in there!  A few minutes later the instructor opened the door and brought me back into the classroom, where we all had a good laugh and I got to talk about why this particular class was so beneficial to everyone.

Bonus: the next day during first microbiology class, one of the three other people at our table in lab kept starting at me like she smelled something funny.  At the end of class she said that she had been in that speech class the day before, and had been trying to determine if I was as big of a b**** as she thought! (Her words, not mine!)

Yup, best April Fools’ Day yet!

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