The Dark Side


Well, it’s official.  Last night/this morning was my first night shift in the NICU.  I am now officially a Night Shifter / Vampire (still looking for a good term).  From what I can tell, it’s like being in a pretty hardcore gang, so this should be interesting… 🙂

The hardest part has been switching my sleeping schedule.  Staying up late the night before, trying to sleep during the day, and then working all night isn’t my favorite thing, but I suppose I’ll get used to it.  Everyone else on night shift seems to have adjusted, so I’ll figure it out eventually.  I don’t enjoy coming and going everywhere in the dark, but there’s not much I can do about that – I can’t change the seasons, unfortunately.

One thing I’ve noticed about the Dark Side / Night Shifters / Vampires (still looking for a good name for them as a group, too) is that they are a tight-knit bunch.  Those who have been working nights long term are there because they love it, and their shared weirdness for working nights has brought them closer together.  They organize potlucks, bake-offs, and karaoke contests, and they have a donkey piñata mascot named Pacho, who sits in the break room.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that most night shifters I’ve met have a twisted sense of humor.  It seems to be a survival technique, and it makes for an entertaining work environment.  In that respect, I believe I will fit right in  🙂

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