Cute Story #2

This one isn’t from the NICU, actually.  Yesterday I stopped by Subway on my way to work, and while I stood in an abnormally long line, I noticed a father and daughter having lunch at a corner table.  The little girl looked to be maybe 18 months old (maybe younger – I’m terrible at guessing ages).  She was having a grand time out to lunch with her daddy, and naturally she was enjoying her lunch by putting most of it in her mouth, and the rest of it all over the table.  And for her, water is so much more entertaining if you spill most of it down your front!  (This accident sent her into a fit of toddler giggles!)
Suddenly she looked over and noticed me standing across the room.  For some reason she decided to just stare in fascination – I’m not sure why kids keep doing that with me.  Since she was already staring, I decided to make silly faces at her for a little while to see if she would laugh.  She didn’t.  She did smile, though.
Later, when her dad carried her out of the restaurant, she waved bye-bye to a group of middle-aged guys sitting at a nearby table.  The guys chuckled and waved back, and the little girls’ day was made 🙂

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