Cute Story #1

Tonight I had the privilege of caring for a sweet little girl whose family came and visited for a while.  Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sister, all admiring the new baby.  Dad got to “kangaroo” for a while – “kangaroo” care is when the parent hold the naked-except-for-diaper baby against their bare skin, blankets covering the little one.  Very therapeutic for all parties involved, and tonight was Dad’s first time holding his new daughter 🙂

Sister is very young, and is still mastering the art of the “inside voice.”  Brother is five years old (he made sure that I knew he was a whole five years old!)  Brother asked lots of questions about what Mom and I were doing with baby sister, and I enjoyed explaining everything to him.  Having worked with young children for so long, I miss it sometimes, and I enjoy when siblings come to visit in the NICU.

The best part of the visit was near the end, when Mom was holding Baby’s hand in the isolette.  Brother looked at Mom thoughtfully, then said, “Mom, I like how you’re looking at her.  You love her.”

Very insightful young man 🙂

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