Dear Yente

There’s an old friend of my mom’s whom I have dubbed “Yente.”  Though I have never called her this to her face 🙂

The reason I call her “Yente” is simple – she has decided to play matchmaker and find me a husband (Fiddler on the Roof… anyone?)  As she told my mom the other day, “Every happy couple I know has met because they were introduced by someone.”  The way Yente works is that she will find a nice young man, and then tell my mom about said guy.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to get married and have a family someday, but still, it’s a bit strange to have someone try to set you up all the time.

First there was Mr. Engineer, a young man who worked as an industrial engineer for a large company.  Mr. Engineer seemed like a nice guy, from what little I learned about him.  Shortly after hearing about Mr. Engineer, Mom sent me a link to his LinkedIn page, complete with picture and biography.  I have to admit, he’s not bad looking!

Next there was Mr. Navy.  As you can probably guess from the moniker, he is in the Navy.  Other than his career choice and the fact that he’s a wonderful Christian guy, I know nothing about him.

Oh, and before either of these two (sorry, I just remembered) Yente tried to set me up with, who was it… her nephew, I think?  Yeah, that’s when I figured that this would get interesting!

And just the other day my mom told me about the latest find – Mr. South America.  He’s from some South American country (Mom couldn’t remember where), a Christian (most important part), and just bought a house in the same city where I work.

Honestly, I am touched that Yente is thinking of me and cares for me… in her own special way.  Mind you, this is the same lady who – when she first met my brother and I – thought that I had a twin sister, and couldn’t figure out who Nathan was!

I have never met any of these guys.  At this point in my life I don’t see how I would have time for a boyfriend.  My life consists of going to work, coming home to sleep, trying to cook something edible, and then going back to work.  I guess I’ll know I’ve found my Future Husband when God bring someone into my crazy life, instead of me trying to go out and meet someone.  I dunno.

Who knows… maybe one day at my wedding I will be able to thank her for introducing me to my husband!

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