The Hairy Houdini

I would like to introduce you to our family dog, Kenna (see how pretty she is?)


Kenna’s full name is Kenna McFuzzbutt, or Kenna the Hoover (she’ll eat anything off the floor), but lately her new name is “Houdini.”

For the past several weeks, Kenna has been escaping from our backyard.  Which is concerning, since we live on a highway where just about everyone (including us) has had a pet get hit by a car.  Thankfully she will usually just wander for a bit before coming up on our front porch and staring at us through the window until we let her in.  My dad and brother have walked the fence line every time she gets out, and they couldn’t find her escape route.

Kenna isn’t the brightest bulb in the box, you see.  She doesn’t know that she can jump over things.  She’s more of an opportunist, so if she sees an opening, she’ll wriggle through it until suddenly she’s on the other side of the fence, and then she’ll get confused and not know how to get back into the yard, so for lack of a better idea, she’ll come and sit on the front porch until someone notices her and lets her back in.

After weeks of Miss Houdini’s antics, and myself trying to play Sherlock (“There are dandelion fluffs in her fur!”  I’d say…  “Well, yeah, there are dandelions all over the yard!” my brother would reply), we finally discovered her little escape route: a small weak spot in the fence, and to the best of our reckoning, she just wriggled through.  The spot is now repaired, and Kenna has (so far) remained right where she should 🙂



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