Nursing School – Application & Acceptance

When I applied to nursing school I had no idea if I would be accepted or not.  Sometimes you can tell just from the size of the applicant pool or by your grades and tests, but this time I really had no idea.  I found out later that I was one of over 120-something applicants for just 24 spots that year.

First alternate.  I wasn’t actually accepted, but if someone were to drop out, I would be the first one they would call.  It felt like I was stuck in limbo.  My GPA and TEAS V test scores were really good – not bragging, just stating a fact.  But what if everyone else was just that much better than me?  I started to make alternate plans, just in case I didn’t get accepted into the program that time around.

A few weeks later I got the call from the admissions office – “We’ve had someone back out of the program… are you still interested?”


From that point on things moved in fast-forward.  I still had some time before classes started, but I felt the urgency to buy everything I needed right then.  Books, school supplies, stethoscope, etc.  So much to do, so little time.  But when you’re excited you don’t mind the busy-ness!

At orientation I tried hard to remember people’s names and faces, but most of it is still a blur.  I remember some of the instructors, especially one who is a major Seattle Seahawks fan, and a dear friend of mine to this day.  A few of my nursing school friends with whom I am still close… I remember them from that first day.  Most of the information given to us that day didn’t sink in, but I wish I would have made a greater effort to remember people and moments from that first day.

It does get better.  Nursing school will do its level best to knock you down, but through the stress and craziness you will get stronger.  If you are in nursing school or just about to start (it’s that time of year again, isn’t it?), be proud of what you have accomplished just to get where you are today!  You’ve already had to go through all of the prerequisites, and just getting into nursing school after all of that is quite a feat!

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