The Realization

For the past several years I have had the mentality that I am a nursing student.  Even though I graduated just over a year ago I still thought of myself as a student, not a nurse.

The other day at work I had the privilege of working with a little girl named “Rosie”.  Miss Rosie had spent the past several hours in the arms of her mother and grandmother.  When the time came for mom and grandma to go home, and for Rosie to return to her isolette, I stepped in to take Rosie so grandma could stand up and grab her things.  The mom asked grandma a question, and grandma said, “Well, I was just gonna hand Rosie to the nurse and then we’ll head out.”

This phrase may sound benign, but what caught my ear was the fact that the grandma had called me “the nurse.”  Not a student, but a nurse.

At that moment it hit me… I am a nurse.  In that brief second I realized that people are trusting me to know how to take care of their babies.  They are trusting me with their child’s life.  Such an awesome responsibility.


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