Runaway Percy

I don’t know how many of you will know what I’m talking about here in this post, but here goes..


Have you ever read/watched the Thomas the Tank Engine stories?  They were created in 1946 and are beloved children’s series; the toys are still sold in so many stores.  Well, there was one fat green engine named Percy.  Percy was a sweet character, and one of my personal favorites.  How do I know about these characters, you ask?  Well, my brother was obsessed with these stories for years, and so after a while I learned to love them.

Today Nathan came in from getting the mail from our mailbox, and he said, “Hey, look what I found out by the road!” In his hand he held a little toy Percy, made of plastic and all beat up from bouncing across the pavement.

“Oh, some child is now probably very sad!” my mom said, turning back to the dishes in the sink.

“Aww, that’s so sad – Percy ran away from the station!” I exclaimed from my spot on the couch.

There was a brief pause.  Then Nathan said, “Hey… 4th of July is coming up…”

Immediately I exclaimed, “No! Nathan, you are not going to blow up poor Percy!”

Nathan’s hands went up in defense. “Hey! I’m just talkin’ about making Percy go faster!”

Yes, folks, this is my brother.  Ya gotta love him.  I hope you have enjoyed this little vignette.  Enjoy the rest of your evening 🙂




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