Happy Father’s Day!

For the past quite-a-few years my Father’s Day routine has consisted of bidding my Dad a happy Father’s Day, my brother and I presenting him with a card (usually one with a monkey on it – don’t ask why), and going to church.  The order may vary, but these three elements are always a part of this special day.

This year I got to help in the Kindergarten class at church, where I was tasked with interviewing the kids about their dads.  We’ve done these interviews for several years now, and the results are always entertaining.  The kids’ answers are recorded on a decorated sheet of paper, signed with their name, and presented to their fathers after class.  Some of the questions include “How old is your father?” “What makes your dad laugh?” and “My dad’s so strong, he could lift a ____ ”

The funnest answer from today was when we asked one girl the question about how strong her dad is – with a little shake of her head she said, “Oh, my daddy’s not that strong.”  Needless to say, this answer was not written down!

Another boy, when asked about why we celebrate Father’s Day, said, “Because fathers are special, for some reason…”  This kid was the highlight of my day!

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